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  1. Huihui Wu, YuanYu Zhang, Xuening Liao, Yulong Shen and Xiaohong Jiang, “On Covert Throughput Performance of Two-Way Relay Covert Wireless Communications,” Wireless Networks, 22 Jan. 2020.
  2. Xuening Liao, YuanYu Zhang, Zhenqiang Wu and Xiaohong Jiang, “Buffer-Aided Relay Selection for Secure Two-Hop Wireless Networks with Decode-and-Forward Relays and a Diversity-Combining Eavesdropper,” Ad Hoc Networks Journal, 1 Mar. 2020.
  3. Yuta Nakamura, YuanYu Zhang, Masahiro Sasabe and Shoji Kasahara, “Exploiting Smart Contracts for Capability-Based Access Control in the Internet of Things,” Sensors, vol.20, no.6, art. no. 1793, 24 Mar. 2020.

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