Welcome Party on 7th October

Hello everyone, this is Radifan, an M2 student here.

こんにちは、 M2のラディファンです。

Two weeks ago, on 7th October, we have held a welcome party for new students entered in April and October 2020.

2020年 10月 7日、新入生の   ‘ welcome party’を開催しました。

The party was merged considering the limited activity in early April to June.

コロナ制限により、 4月のパーティーと 9月のパーティーを一緒にやりました。

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the event was done by several conditions including physical distance and no food sharing.

この度、新型コロナウイルスの感染拡大により socialdistanceを保ち、個別でお弁当を食べました。
Through this difficult condition, I hope everyone can stay healthy and give their best.


This party kind of reminds me of the welcome party a year before. It has been one year since I am here, and to become a good role model for new students and grow together, I think I will improve myself by doing my best in every moment.


カテゴリー: 受験生向け, 研究室イベント パーマリンク